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Anti fungus pedi gel

Anti fungus pedi gel

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This is a specialist builder gel for reconstructing a missing or partial missing nail on both hands or feet. This flexible gel doesn’t flow, self levelling and is easily controlled. Can be used for building a short nail even on the skin, effective against nail fungus. Soft pink transparent colour. 


  1. Totally clean the nail remaining nail stub, there will probably be a lot of cuticle/dead skin in this area.
  2. If there is no nail stub, clean up the skin carefully in this area as much as possible back to where the cuticle was originally.
  3. Dehydrate and use nail prep, then we highly recommend to use the no fungus nail prep too. 
  4. Place a thin layer of bond gel (or hypnotic bond) on the remaining nail stub and cure.
  5. Lay down the bead of Anti-fungus Pedi Gel in the centre of the nail bed and sculpt the required shape from cuticle to free edge, you may use a nail form if you require an small area of free edge but generally we would only recommend building the nail to the end of the skin area of the toe.
  6. You will need to speak with your client when giving your aftercare advise that the time this reconstruction will last will vary from person to person. But it is designed to adhere longer.

Curing time: 2-3 min in UV lamp, 1-2min in LED lamp.

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