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Bouncy Cover builder gel - Dark

Bouncy Cover builder gel - Dark

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High resistant builder gel ideal for achieving strong nails: it does not crack and has an impeccable adhesion. Suitable to be used for reverse tips.

It is specially designed for nail building and for fast nail filling. Its natural colour provides perfect coverage and adapts to almost any skin tone. As it does not burn, it will surely be a favourite of your customers.

It is also a perfect choice for the nail plate lengthening technique if you like high viscosity gels. Thanks to its very dense consistency, you can do 4 nails sculpture before curing. It does not run, however it is easy to mould and pinch. 

Those who have dreamed of a builder gel as perfect as the Cover Builder but in a dense version, will be delighted to have a Bouncy on their desk!

Darker in colour for different skin tones.

Curing time : UV 2-3 min / LED 1 min

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