No File Builder Gel - Clear

No File Builder Gel - Clear

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The newest addition to our hard gel range with time saving in mind, this gel is completely self-levelling but is not a runny gel that needs to be held upside down on the finger as most other brands of no file builder gels do.

It has great adhesion and perfect for short or longer length overlays and even for nail tips extensions. A standard length sculpt is even achievable.

  1. You will apply a thin base of bond gel and cure. Then apply a layer of no file gel lightly and evenly (a movement layer) with the Gel 4 brush do not cure.
  2. Place no file gel bead ontop of the apex area, gently pull this slightly towards sides and length to structure shape.
  3. Wait about 10-20 seconds for it to level, checking there are no dents and product is smooth, then cure.
  4. Once product is cured, you will only file shape free edge and rest should all be perfect. No need to even buff off the shine, just apply your Brillbird colour and decoration. If you have a client with problems of colour peeling, buff before colour

perfect for salon nails

Curing time: UV 2 min / LED 1 min

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