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E-File High Tech & Led Lamp

E-File High Tech & Led Lamp

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Japanese micro engine which has 4 bearings instead of 2. This drill (efile) turns an experienced nail tech dreams into a reality with its precise engineering.


  • Vibration free
  • Fast workflow
  • Extremely quiet
  • Very reliable
  • 0-30,000 rm hand piece 
  • FWD/REV rotation function for right and left handed
  • Hand & foot switch 
  • 240v
  • metal hand piece 

(Drill kit sold separately)


Strong 48 watt UV/LED lamp which has a unique low heat function reducing the heat generated during bonding. It has a sleek, elegant appearance with a timer and automatic motion sensor. 
Has 5 different time settings with 1 being a low heat function and also a continuous function. 
light weight and a cooling fan.

24pcs LED bulbs

wave-length: 365+405nm

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