Icy Gel Clear

Icy Gel Clear

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Icy is a builder gel for the solution to clients with sensitive nailbeds or when the climate is hot and heat spike is more common for all clients. The innovative design of this gel means that it gives off little or no heat spike during curing.
Transparent clear builder gel, with a thicker viscosity, self-levelling when led into place with the brush on application
perfect for salon work, of natural overlays or sculpting and tip overlays

Thicker gel which does not run
Can be used as part of a nail structure or to build the whole structure alone.

A thin base of bond gel is recommended under this product the same as all our hard gel products.
Ideal for sensitive nails
Maximum adhesion and resistance
Easy to pinch and file.

Curing time: UV 2 min / LED 1 min

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