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Mani gel&lac C12 - 15ml

Mani gel&lac C12 - 15ml

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gel&lac is a stronger soakable gel polish so filing for removal is preferred. Very high pigment content therefore never more than 2 thin coats required. Long wearing with correct application should be minimum 2 weeks wear but can be 3-4 weeks dependant on client following correct aftercare advise. The bottles are larger sized 15ml giving good quality value for money.

The consistency is smooth and creamy consistency for ease of application and easy coverage

  1. You will apply the usual prep & prime as you were trained (we can only stand by our direction and longevity when using Brillbird prep & prime products) first.
  2. Apply thin layer of Hypnotic bond gel or normal bond gel.
  3. Apply 2 thin layers of gel&lac colour, curing in between.
  4. Apply Hypnotic topcoat (needs cleaner to remove tacky layer) or Brillbird Extra topcoat which has no tacky residue.
  5. Cuticle oil to skin as usual but never on the nail directly from the lamp as this can dull the shine as standard for any product.

Good range of colour choices that compliment colours you don’t find in the Hypnotic colour range of gel polish

Removal can be professionally filed off or soaked off, although soaking can take a bit longer if heat isn’t used to help the process.

Cure time LED 1 min UV 2 min

15ml. (White)
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